What Students Are Saying

Janice is connected and in tune to guidance from beyond and what’s going on within the client.  She has the ability to connect those dots and quickly take me to where I need to go to get full release and open up to a greater space and way of being.” Anonymous

“Experiencing Janice’s technique as a Reiki specialist helped me deal with the stress of my business.  She is expertly trained.” Jeanne S., Senior Housing and Health Care Consultant

“Janice uses guided imagery and energy work to help people free themselves of troubling emotional blocks.”

“Reiki allowed me to focus on staying healthy so I could care for my husband during his terminal illness.” Debbi C, RN

“Janice offers an alternative to traditional counseling for those who appreciate the connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm.”  Anonymous

“Janice knows her business and is sincere about helping people” Anonymous

“Janice is a very insightful and talented therapist with an inner sense of what her client’s needs are.”  Anonymous

“Hi Janice,  I wanted to thank you for my session with you.  I am still amazed at what Reiki and the guided imagery can do.

“That night I went home after my Reiki session with you, feeling better, but still very much frustrated, to put it nicely, with my husband.  He was actually putting dishes in the dish washer after dinner, and it just came To me to put my hand on his back.  Doesn’t sound like much, but I have not wanted to really touch him in a long time. In that instant, everything with us just seemed to come full circle, not sure if that is the right terminology, but it was as if the healing process started immediately.  I visualized us inside a circle. He stood up and we hugged.  All the hard feelings, anger and stress were gone.  I can’t completely describe it. We talked a lot.  The following Wednesday he went in the hospital for outpatient hernia surgery so we were home for the next few days. I had to doing many things for him that he couldn’t.  We were home together for five days. It was exactly what we needed and helped the healing.  After a couple of weeks I felt like myself again.  Finally!! My husband and I are happier than we have been in a very long time… maybe even years.  I can handle life once again. Thank You for being there, Janice.”   Ann Priolo