Self Mastery Series


Begins Tuesday Nov 24, Dec 1, 8, 15, 2015

We are all masters!  Join me in discovering the master in you through this experiential 4 week series  Discover useful tips to manage stress..  The series will raise awareness to what it means to put your needs up front and still manage your day as a parent or caretaker.  Each class will be devoted to providing a safe, supportive environment to foster connection – connection to self – most importantly,and  others.  This Self Mastery series assists one to achive a place of balance in areas such as:  job/career, financial, home life, and relationships with others.  This balance is achieved through the consideration of the following:

Physically: to identify the places where dis-ease may settle and realize a path forward to wellness; to discover how the body expresses thoughts

Emotionally: to identify when we are reacting or following old beliefs and patterns and learning to break the emotional/addictive/repeated response.

Mentally: awareness of self-talk and take a mindful approach to change our words and to support new beliefs

Spiritually:  connect with source more consistently; to strive for expressing oneness even if for a moment during our hectic day; unconditional love, higher wisdom and purposefully and joyful creation of our reality.

To Register, contact Janice McNamara  585-455-1953 3 days in advance of start date.  Workshop Series held at  2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY  14618  Cost: $225

Join me as we explore the seriousness of where we are now and bring the humor in to change it.

In Light, Janice