Release, Release, Release

I so love my work!!!  I had the honor of assisting 2 beautiful souls last week to cross over –  One woman, at 85, had lived a full life here.  It was very difficult for her to let go of this life. She screamed out frequently, was very agitated in her bed. She still carried so much worry and fear and quite a bit of stubbornness, I might add!  After a couple of days and a few chats with her in prayer/distant healing and checking in with the family for their readiness, she gracefully transitioned in peace.

The second one was a young man I met at a beautiful grave site that I pass through during my walks.  At this site, the roads right now are not plowed.  I have found a way in by following a narrow path made over the last couple of months.  I noticed someone had shoveled an additional path off to the right.  I followed it and discovered that it ended at a fairly new plot dug probably before the first snow. I sat on the snow bank reading the various messages and looking at one in particular that struck me – “Mark’s Place.”   ummmmm… I thought to myself, “this is not your place, sitting around waiting for visitors, being sad.” No sooner did that thought come across my mind I felt his presence and sensed him saying “what do you mean?”  We preceded to talk about moving forward on his journey, being in the hearts of his friends, how to connect with them from his new place.  He was reluctant at first and had questions.   After a few minutes he walked away.  In that moment, there was a different quiet and peace in the cool air.

As we enter this new solstice energy, RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE or help someone RELEASE.

In light, Janice