Reiki in Nursing

Many nursing professionals are taking Reiki classes to further their knowledge of energy medicine and to increase the intensity of the energy, which they can extend to their patients. Reiki is a gift and a skill that anyone can learn. Soon nurses will be sharing this gift with their patients and with one another during their breaks bringing balance back into the work environment.

Nursing Homes

“Learning Reiki has been a life altering experience. I went into the first level, not having any idea of what it was about. Still not fully grasping the concepts of the human energy fields after my level I course, I embarked on a quest to learn more. I read book after book, practiced when I could on family, friends, and residents in the nursing home. I could see the relaxing effects it had upon the Reiki receiver. Reiki has reduced anxiety in frail elders under considerable stress. It has helped with phantom limb pain, and reduced pain in arthritic joints. It has helped ease discomfort during end-of-life care for the nursing home resident and the family. Most importantly for me is that it has deeply influenced my own personal spiritual development. It has advanced my nursing practice philosophy of caring to that of a holistic caring philosophy. I mindfully center when I know that I am going to enter a nurse-patient situation. I set my intention on the highest good of self and others. I am consciously aware of the patient’s wholeness that includes the energy fields around them. I am aware of the imbalances in this energy that leads to dis-ease. I share my knowledge with my residents and staff, and more times than not, they are open to receive. Energy work is not something I do – it is something I am. I rarely ever have time to do a full Reiki treatment in my busy practice, but every good intention, focus, touch, and being fully present makes a tremendous difference in the well being of the people in my care. I am blessed to have become a level II Reiki practitioner, share what I can share, and practice holistic nursing in an environment that honors the nurse that I am and the care that I give.”

Loretta Steinkohl, MS, APRN-BC, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner


“As a nurse preparing for surgery to have my Gallbladder removed. I saw the advertisements for the natural healing methods offered at The Springs and wondered if they would work. I spoke with 2 of the practitioners (Charlotte and Kim) and they both agreed to help me. One came to see me before surgery. She spent several minutes doing Reiki. By the time she left, I felt very relaxed and ready for surgery.”

“After the surgery, my recovery was quick. I came out the anesthesia effortlessly. Both practitioners spent time doing energy work to help quickly clear the anesthesia from my body. Charlotte returned to do Reiki following the procedure. I was amazed at the speed with which I have recovered. I have had no pain, just a minor pulling feeling. I did not stay the night at the hospital and by the next morning I was doing the laundry and mopping a part of the kitchen floor. Thanks to these kind and healing friends I was fully recovered in such a short time. I am now a believer and will recommend Reiki to my patients, friends, and family”.

Marlene McDowell, RN

Introducing Reiki to Staff

“My plan was to expose the nurses I work with to Reiki. They were not accepting it being an alternative way to achieve wellness. I wasn’t trying to sell. The plan was to just expose them to something new. I, myself, am very conservative, and I took your class that weekend to expose myself to something different. I was very skeptical going into the class. What I walked away with was an appreciation for the role that Reiki and, for that matter, other forms of alternative medicine can play in giving a person peace in mind, body and spirit. I have used it so much in my own practice.

I will tell you of one experience I had with Reiki. One of my patients came to the unit with Guillian Barre–paralyzed from the neck down. He wouldn’t speak and was very depressed. We started IVIG on him without improvement. Many of the staff on the floor wrote him off as bound for a nursing home. His daughter came to visit him, and spoke of her father’s experiences in the peace corp. She further told of his strong Buddhist beliefs, and the peace he found from a woman who practiced Reiki. With his daughter’s permission, I approached the gentlemen and began the basics you taught me. He immediately began to make eye contact, and within a few days was communicating with the doctors and myself. He underwent plasma exchange treatments, and is currently in an acute rehabilitation program. His limbs are gradually growing stronger, and his spirit and energy will continue to repair the damage of the illness. So, now a couple of the nurses are intrigued. We start there.

I’ve used Reiki with agitated patients, hypertensive patients, and patients in pain. In a lot of ways, I use some form of it with all my patients.

I’m studying for my masters now, but when I finish, I plan to explore more. Your class, made me a firm believer, and it has given my nursing and my life a different dimension. I’ve always believed nursing is much more than treatment of the body…if that is all there was then everyone would react the same, but we all know that isn’t true.

The palliative care team at the hospital is slowly becoming more accepting of some modalities. It is a shame though that it is the end of life where acceptance for something other than the norm is found. We shortchange ourselves in our healthier younger years from the inner peace and balance many of the ancient eastern practices can offer. It is women like you and Kim that are forging ahead and exposing people to these practices. You touch one person, like me, and look at all you’ve helped. Keep up the great work!”

“My experience with Reiki is truly one I’ll not soon forget. It makes me wonder how many patients we let slip by because we attempted to treat their physical symptoms and never made the connection with their spirit. We, as nurses, need to reach deeper than the physical manifestation of disease. It was only when we are able to connect with this patient’s spirit that the medicine began to work. I felt very thankful for my brief connection with you when a few days ago this patient took ten steps down a hall to say hello to us. The practitioners all believe that this patient is recovering because of the plasma exchange treatments, but I really believe nothing would have helped him if we had not reached within him to empower his spirit.

Deb R.

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