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Staying Centered in a Chaotic World

This workshop is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with the series of events unfolding on the planet.  It will help you shift your thoughts to ones that will support the planet in ways you never expected from right where you are.  We are experiencing an interesting time that is meant for raising awareness, recognizing the gifts that already exist, and creating the lives we want from a place of love.  So come out of the fear and join me in an eye-opening experience.




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Trust like a baby!  

The Message that came in very strong this week is trust. So many times we are in situations that can be challenging. We think there is no solution or the solution seems complicated as we sift through the mind to find the answer…a process that may have worked in the past. Your spirit is now asking for you to trust.

My experience with trust is that when I just STOP trying to figure it out, STOP trying to make sense of it, STOP worrying about it I am guided to the solution. (no problem is too big or small for a miracle to occur). The solution comes when you step out of the way. You may run into the right person who knows the right person, a phone call that seems like it came “out of nowhere.” These are ways you are given the solution. So start your day in trust, letting go of anything you are holding around your problem, and just breathe and TRUST you will be given what you need to know! Pay attention to the signs you get throughout the day.

In Light, Janice

Closing the Doors of the past

The window of opportunity to look at the past is getting narrower and narrower every day. We are all experiencing different versions of what it means to look at the past, how to use it to understand the present, or how easy or difficult it is to release. Where ever you are in this process, you are supported. I invite you to experience closing those doors that no longer serve you or keep you stuck in anger, resentment or sadness.

In meditation, imagine walking down a long hallway of multiple doors on the left side all labeled with your past grievances. As you approach each door, peek in and make a choice to close it. You may not close all of them right away, but do so as guided. When that is finished, go to the right side of the hallway and find your new choices.

Always in Love,

Release, Release, Release

I so love my work!!!  I had the honor of assisting 2 beautiful souls last week to cross over –  One woman, at 85, had lived a full life here.  It was very difficult for her to let go of this life. She screamed out frequently, was very agitated in her bed. She still carried so much worry and fear and quite a bit of stubbornness, I might add!  After a couple of days and a few chats with her in prayer/distant healing and checking in with the family for their readiness, she gracefully transitioned in peace.

The second one was a young man I met at a beautiful grave site that I pass through during my walks.  At this site, the roads right now are not plowed.  I have found a way in by following a narrow path made over the last couple of months.  I noticed someone had shoveled an additional path off to the right.  I followed it and discovered that it ended at a fairly new plot dug probably before the first snow. I sat on the snow bank reading the various messages and looking at one in particular that struck me – “Mark’s Place.”   ummmmm… I thought to myself, “this is not your place, sitting around waiting for visitors, being sad.” No sooner did that thought come across my mind I felt his presence and sensed him saying “what do you mean?”  We preceded to talk about moving forward on his journey, being in the hearts of his friends, how to connect with them from his new place.  He was reluctant at first and had questions.   After a few minutes he walked away.  In that moment, there was a different quiet and peace in the cool air.

As we enter this new solstice energy, RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE or help someone RELEASE.

In light, Janice


Discussion Group

Weekly Meditation Group

Come to experience peace in your mind.  Explore ways to stop the chatter and connect to your heart or the real guiding source of information.  I look forward to supporting you in this next growth opportunity.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This is an ongoing group and you may enter at anytime.

Ongoing:   WEEKLY on Wednesdays from 12:00pm-1:00pm

Location: Our Natural Essence Wellness Center 2349 Monroe Avenue 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY  14618

Contact:  New Members please call or text 585-455-1953 or e-mail at

Cost:       $10




Self Mastery Series


Begins Tuesday Nov 24, Dec 1, 8, 15, 2015

We are all masters!  Join me in discovering the master in you through this experiential 4 week series  Discover useful tips to manage stress..  The series will raise awareness to what it means to put your needs up front and still manage your day as a parent or caretaker.  Each class will be devoted to providing a safe, supportive environment to foster connection – connection to self – most importantly,and  others.  This Self Mastery series assists one to achive a place of balance in areas such as:  job/career, financial, home life, and relationships with others.  This balance is achieved through the consideration of the following:

Physically: to identify the places where dis-ease may settle and realize a path forward to wellness; to discover how the body expresses thoughts

Emotionally: to identify when we are reacting or following old beliefs and patterns and learning to break the emotional/addictive/repeated response.

Mentally: awareness of self-talk and take a mindful approach to change our words and to support new beliefs

Spiritually:  connect with source more consistently; to strive for expressing oneness even if for a moment during our hectic day; unconditional love, higher wisdom and purposefully and joyful creation of our reality.

To Register, contact Janice McNamara  585-455-1953 3 days in advance of start date.  Workshop Series held at  2349 Monroe Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, NY  14618  Cost: $225

Join me as we explore the seriousness of where we are now and bring the humor in to change it.

In Light, Janice 

Connecting with Animals

The class was once again insightful.  A student finds that after she brought a new dog into the family, the cat became quite afraid and would immediately hide.  Wanting them to get along, her meditation connected her to both animals.  She then was able to feel and hear them through simple guided imagery to see the needs of both.  The cat needed her protection and the dog needed to know what the cat was doing there!  They are cohabitating happily now.

This class opens up a world of information about animals we live with and those who come to us in meditation, dreams, or in nature.  Not only do they help us, we can help them. Using simple ways to tune into these animals is a great opportunity to deepen our connection to these wonderful creatures.  We are all in this together and they are right by our side!    I would love to hear your stories.