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Next Step Holistic was founded by Janice McNamara in 1998.  While working with adults and teens, she opens up to a full realm of guidance using practical and spiritual techniques to find blocks to healing and forward movement.


Next Step Holistic provides a safe and nurturing environment for people seeking an alternative way to heal from health and emotional problems.  Committed to addressing individual needs, services are expanded in order for people to have choices in the healing process.


Janice McNamara


Janice McNamara, Founder of Next Step Holistic in 1998 and a nurse for over 20 years, became interested in holistic medicine while working in a traditional setting at Harvard Affiliated Hospitals in Boston. Her experience and adaptability at these hospitals built an understanding of ways to work with both traditional and complementary medicine.  Her intuitive skills provide an effective way to connect people to their essence, empowering them to move forward and heal physically, mentally and emotionally, and spiritually.

Janice is a leading expert in guiding children and adults to a place of healing.  Her knowledge of energy takes her students and clients on a journey of self discovery.  She has written articles for local and national publications highlighting the practical use of energy healing.  She teaches aspects of natural healing to nurses and medical students as a way to bridge the gap between modern medicine and natural approaches.  She serves on the board of OMHA (Our Mindful Healing Alliance) and participates in a community based healing group.

With a private practice in Rochester, NY Janice teaches energy healing in both New York and New England.

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