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Newborn Baby Boy Sleeping on a Surfboard Royalty Free Stock Photo

Trust like a baby!  

The Message that came in very strong this week is trust. So many times we are in situations that can be challenging. We think there is no solution or the solution seems complicated as we sift through the mind to find the answer…a process that may have worked in the past. Your spirit is now asking for you to trust.

My experience with trust is that when I just STOP trying to figure it out, STOP trying to make sense of it, STOP worrying about it I am guided to the solution. (no problem is too big or small for a miracle to occur). The solution comes when you step out of the way. You may run into the right person who knows the right person, a phone call that seems like it came “out of nowhere.” These are ways you are given the solution. So start your day in trust, letting go of anything you are holding around your problem, and just breathe and TRUST you will be given what you need to know! Pay attention to the signs you get throughout the day.

In Light, Janice

Closing the Doors of the past

The window of opportunity to look at the past is getting narrower and narrower every day. We are all experiencing different versions of what it means to look at the past, how to use it to understand the present, or how easy or difficult it is to release. Where ever you are in this process, you are supported. I invite you to experience closing those doors that no longer serve you or keep you stuck in anger, resentment or sadness.

In meditation, imagine walking down a long hallway of multiple doors on the left side all labeled with your past grievances. As you approach each door, peek in and make a choice to close it. You may not close all of them right away, but do so as guided. When that is finished, go to the right side of the hallway and find your new choices.

Always in Love,