Monthly Archives: February 2012

Connecting with Animals

The class was once again insightful.  A student finds that after she brought a new dog into the family, the cat became quite afraid and would immediately hide.  Wanting them to get along, her meditation connected her to both animals.  She then was able to feel and hear them through simple guided imagery to see the needs of both.  The cat needed her protection and the dog needed to know what the cat was doing there!  They are cohabitating happily now.

This class opens up a world of information about animals we live with and those who come to us in meditation, dreams, or in nature.  Not only do they help us, we can help them. Using simple ways to tune into these animals is a great opportunity to deepen our connection to these wonderful creatures.  We are all in this together and they are right by our side!    I would love to hear your stories.